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Basics of CSCs

What is a Common Short Code (CSC)?

A Common Short Code, or CSC, is a short code which is common across many wireless service providers in the U.S. It’s the inter-carrier connection for your mobile application. All CSCs are 5 or 6 digits in length and can be either random or select (vanity or easy to remember). The Common Short Code Administrator (CSCA) or www.usshortcodes.com assigns CSCs to applicants allowing them to be used for the same application across multiple wireless service providers. A CSC is often called a brand’s “mobile marketing address”.

What is a short code?

A short code is a number to which an SMS or text message can be sent. A short code is fewer digits than a 10-digit telephone number. For example, a short code could be 54321. A short code may be specific to one mobile operator or “common” and supported by all major mobile operators.

How do I know if a short code works with my wireless service provider?

Mobile applications that include a short code will identify networks with which the application works. If you still have questions, the best thing to do is to contact the company who is promoting the mobile application, or try to send the keyword “Help” to the CSC.

Do CSCs work with all wireless service providers?

In most cases, yes, all wireless service providers have the option of supporting each CSC and its associated application. The decision of whether or not to support a CSC is left to the sole discretion of the wireless service provider.

How do CSCs work?

A wireless subscriber is made aware of a CSC, whether through TV, radio, online or through an advertisement, and asked to send a text message to the CSC. The wireless subscriber then addresses a text message to the CSC number (e.g. 74678) and enters text into the message as directed. Once the wireless subscriber sends the message, it is routed through the wireless service providers' network to the SMS messaging server. The wireless service provider’s SMS messaging server then determines where to route the message based on the CSC and which application provider or brand supports/ corresponds to the CSC. The application receives the message and routes it through the software application, which could include sending a confirmation or follow-up message back to the wireless subscriber who originated the message.

What kind of things can I do on my mobile phone with a CSC?

A CSC allows an individual to engage and interact with a brand -- to send text messages to a company’s mobile application including voting, polling, games, contests, coupons, mobile payments, and a variety of other exciting interactive applications. CSCs allow consumers to interact, communicate and become involved.

How do I lease a Common Short Code?

To lease a CSC, an individual or company must first set up an account on www.usshortcodes.com. Once this is done, an application for the lease of a CSC may be completed. The application will then be either approved or disapproved, and the applicant will be notified by email.

How much does it cost to lease a Common Short Code?

A CSC is leased for a period of three (3), six (6) or twelve (12) months for a non refundable fee of $500 per month for a "Random CSC" and a nonrefundable fee of $1,000 a month for a "Selected CSC". The entire lease payment must be paid before the CSC is assigned to the applicant and "registered".

How can I pay for my CSC?

Payment methods are listed in the CSC Application. Currently, these methods include credit card, electronic funds transfer, and check.

What is a dedicated CSC?

A dedicated short code is a code leased by one company for their sole use. No one but the company that has leased the code will be able to use the code for the term of the lease. This is the most secure situation for the brand and the consumers utilizing the code.

What are the benefits of a dedicated short code?

Dedicated short codes offer a reliable platform for your mobile campaigns since you are the sole owner and content provider on the code. You have unlimited keywords and you maintain control over routing inbound and outbound messages. Since you own the code and all of the data captured, you can map directly into your existing database without having to input information from a different source. You also have the ability to further monetize your mobile efforts by offering advertising opportunities to other companies that complement your service. There is no chance of an application provider mixing up your messages and responses or data with anyone else’s, since the code is dedicated to your application.

What is a shared CSC?

A shared short code is one shared by more than one company. This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords. For example, a mobile applications agency applies for a single CSC and supports multiple customers like, a newspaper brand, CPG brand and a content company via a single CSC. CSCs must be dedicated to the brand and must not be shared per wireless service provider policy.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the first “word” that is sent in a text message, for example “Go” or “Join.”

Who do I need to talk to in order to implement my common short code?

There are four (4) categories of companies work together to bring CSCs to wireless subscribers; they include content providers, application providers, connection aggregators, and wireless service providers, all of which interface with the CSC administrator. For an overview of the services these companies provide, please refer to the Find a Partner and Implement a CSC page.

What if someone has already leased the common short code I want?

In this case, the CSC is no longer available. CSCs are assigned to the first accepted applicant. However, your desired CSC may become available upon termination or expiration of the lease of the code by the current registrant. You may ask to be notified when the CSC that you would like becomes available.

What are the valid number ranges of common short codes I can lease?

CSCs are five or six-digit numbers within the range of 20000 to 99999, or 222222 to 899999.

Can I obtain a common short code that is four or less digits or more than six digits?

No, CSCs are five or six-digit numbers within the range 20000 and 99999, or 222222 to 899999

On the CSC application form, I notice an address section. Must I have a US address in order to obtain a CSC?

No, you do not need to have a US address, but you must submit a valid address.

There is space on the CSC application to request only 20 CSCs. What do I do if I want to apply for more than 20 CSCs at one time?

You may request as many CSCs as you want. If you want to request more than 20 CSC at a time, you would need to fill out additional applications.

Once my CSC program is up and running and end-users are having technical problems, who do I contact?

For technical problems with the actual implementation and operation of your CSC program, contact the wireless carrier, content provider, connection aggregator or application provider you are working with to implement your CSC program. You can also call the Registry for further advice regarding trouble shooting.

Will my CSC work internationally?

No. CSCs currently work only in the U.S. However, for Canada you may visit www.txt.ca.

Where can I lease CSCs? Can I lease more than one at a time?

Yes, you can lease more than one CSC at a time. CSCs may be purchased at www.USshortcodes.com or through a mobile application provider. A single application allows for an applicant to lease up to 20 CSCs. Multiple applications may be submitted at one time.

What is SMPP?

SMPP stands for Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol. SMPP is a private messaging protocol used within the wireless service provider’s secure network. Using SMPP, text messages are sent to a mobile phone number rather than to an email address (see SMTP below).

How does SMPP work?

Messages sent over SMPP are routed directly to and from the wireless service provider over a secure private network. Most major wireless service providers can provide confirmation of message delivery. The greatest benefit to SMPP is the fact that messages are two-way, enabling mobile phone subscribers to respond to the messages you send them easily via the text messaging feature on a handset.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol. SMTP is the standard for email on the internet. Text messages delivered over SMTP are sent to an address like 12125551234@mycarrier.com, meaning the mobile phone essentially receives an email. Text messages delivered over SMTP are sent over the public network and are less secure than text messages sent over SMPP.

How does SMTP work?

Like any other email, messages sent over SMTP bounce around the internet unencrypted from server to server before they arrive. Messages delivered over SMTP are generally not supported by the wireless service providers for content delivery and mobile marketing therefore receipt of the messages cannot be confirmed. Also, volume messages sent over SMTP can easily be caught in Spam filters.

CTIA Vetting

What is vetting?

Vetting is a process that CTIA uses to validate certain parts of CSC applications submitted to the CSC registry. The process confirms that the Content Provider displayed in the registry represents a legitimate company and is identified correctly in the registry. CTIA has commissioned WMC Global to vet all CSC leaseholders.

What is Partner Validation?

Partner Validation is the name of WMC Global’s vetting product. Learn more about Partner Validation.

How does the vetting process work?

Following application submission, WMC Global vets all CSC leaseholders automatically.

What type of information will be reviewed?

Company name, corporate registration, and legal history are reviewed for all leaseholders.

How will if know if I’m approved?

You’ll be unaware when vetting occurs or whether you’re approved; however, CTIA expects that the majority of SMS companies will complete the vetting process successfully. Should you require proof of vetting for carrier onboarding or have concerns regarding your vetting status, please contact partnervalidation@wmcglobal.com. Include the short code, company name, and state of registration when you make such requests. You’ll receive a reply from WMC Global within two business days.

What happens if I’m not approved?

In the rare case that you’re denied approval, WMC Global will share its results with CTIA. CTIA will contact you with further information or questions.

How often will vetting occur?

Your information will be reviewed annually.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact partnervalidation@wmcglobal.com.

Application Process

Ordering of CSC

What are the basic steps involved in leasing a CSC, entering campaign information and getting it activated by the Carriers

In USShortCodes.com / CSCA:
Step 1 – Order your CSC
Step 2 – Define your Campaign(s)
Step 3 – Submit your Campaign Application
Step 4 – Vetting
Step 5 – Update your Campaign(s) as information changes (ongoing)

How do I order my CSC ASAP so I can ensure we have a particular code?

You only have to complete minimal information to Lease your CSC by providing your basic account and billing information and paying for your code. However, you must complete steps 2 and 3 and submit your campaign before you will be able to launch your campaign with the Carriers. You have 60 days from the time of your Invoice date to pay for the CSC. Failure to make payment will result in your order cancellation and losing your CSC.

What is the difference between ordering/leasing CSC and the CSC Campaign Application process?

The CSC Order is the process of leasing/securing your code with CSCA. The CSC Campaign Application is the process of defining the details of your campaign for downstream review by the Mobile Carriers and Monitoring Team. For your convenience the Aggregator may be able to help with your CSCA campaign submission (please consult your Aggregator for more details).

How long does it take to lease and secure the code I want?

The actual time to Lease your code is relatively short and is accomplished within the CSCA in a couple of days. From the time you receive your Invoice you have 60 days to pay for your New CSC, the 60 day window does not apply to renewal codes. However, the Campaign you wish to run on your CSC requires further approval by the Carrier which is facilitated by your Aggregator. The time for Carrier review and approval depends on several factors and your Aggregator will be better able to advise you on the total time required. Also, provisioning times vary by Carrier. You should consult your connection Aggregator to better understand the provisioning timeframes and to review the goals of your campaign(s).

Campaign Application

Why has the CSCA Application process changed, there just used to be a few fields to complete and now I have to fill out this big application? Why?

The new Common Short Code application form is the beginning of a more efficient top-down process for the definition, review, and compliance with established best practices of CSC Campaigns. Wireless Carriers and the monitoring initiative are connected to the CSCA and this new process requires more information upfront in order to accomplish efficient on-boarding and a thorough examination of campaigns on the backend.

What information do I need to gather to complete an Campaign Application - what are the basic sets of data and how do I go about gathering those details?

All of the required fields are identical to the information that Aggregators currently supply to the Carriers when they submit a campaign to be provisioned.

Is CSC Campaign Data required?

Yes. This is required for your campaign to operate commercially, and you will not be able to get your CSC and associated campaign(s) provisioned and approved on the carrier networks without providing campaign data.

What if I don't know all the particulars of my mobile campaign, can I get started now?

Yes, once you have secured your code you can start to define your campaign. Defining a campaign is first step to activating your code. It is important to note that you must also submit your campaign to the CSCA for acceptance prior to your campaign being launched on the carrier(s) networks. Please see obtain a code page.

If I start this process can I save my work and continue later?

Yes, you can start to define your campaign once you have ordered your CSC and save your work to complete later. You can always edit your campaign data from your Account Dashboard. Please note, once your campaign has been submitted to the Monitoring Agent and the Carriers your new edits may require a new round of Carrier approval. Please contact your Connection Aggregator for more information on updating your Carrier approved Campaigns.

What is the time frame that we have to have campaign data entered under a CSC?

You will need to have the information for at least one campaign for each leased CSC by the time you wish to either get your code approved and provisioned by the carriers through your aggregator, or at the time of the renewal of that CSC. You will not be able to renew a CSC, if you do not have at least one campaign associated with that CSC. Additionally, you will need to ensure that legacy campaigns are updated with complete information as it relates to the current version of all campaigns running on the short code before the short code can be renewed.

Will any of the campaign data that is in the current system be migrated to the new applications?

Yes, any fields that can be matched will be migrated over to the new application. You will still need to ensure that all required fields for each campaign are complete, before you will be able to renew the associated CSC.

What is the minimum number of Campaigns I can have in my Application?

You must at least define one (1) campaign on your application before submitting for application review and or/renewal. Additional campaigns may be added later.

Who can help me complete the Application, can I get help in completing the Application?

You may designate a partner(s) or aggregator to help you complete the application. You will need to acquire the Delegate's Access ID and input that into your campaign or application to authorize their access.

How do I become a "Partner" or a "Delegated User"?

You must have a CSCA account. In your Account Profile page you can 'declare' yourself as a Delegated User. Upon doing so, the system will automatically generate a random alpha numeric code that is your Access ID. You can then share the Access ID with an applicant that wishes to assign you as their "Delegate User" so you could work on their Campaign Application on their behalf.

What data can my Delegate "see" in the Application and what do they have access to update?

A Delegate can access most of the required fields in the Campaign application section only. The Delegate cannot access the CSC Order form, or account information. All other fields must be completed by the Applicant.

Can I assign my campaigns to different Delegate Users or do they all have to be assigned to one Delegate User?

You can assign different campaign to different Delegate Users. You can change who a delegate user is on a campaign, but only one Delegate User per Campaign can be assigned at any given time.

How long are Access IDs good for? Do they ever expire?

No, Access IDs will never expire. However they can be removed from specific campaigns by the campaign owner.

How do I remove an Access ID from a campaign?

You can remove the Access ID from your Account Dashboard by logging on to your account and clicking the Campaigns tab. Once there you can click the Delegate "change" link listed on the campaign you would like to modify. This will take you to a new page that allows you to remove an Access ID or change to another.

What do I need to do as a minimum to start a Campaign application if I want to assign that campaign to a partner to complete?

You must provide the Campaign Name and Keyword. You can then click "save for later" to save your work. If you have assigned this campaign to your partner/Delegate User they will see your campaign in their Account Dashboard so they'll be able to edit and update it on your behalf. The Delegate User is also sent an email notification upon delegate assignment.

What is the difference between a CSC Content Provider and a Campaign Content provider?

Please refer to the Registrant Sublicense Agreement (RSA).

Do I have to select carriers for each aggregator? Why?

Each aggregator has certain carrier connections and relationships which are defined in the application. If you have any questions about this please consult your aggregator or contact support.

What are the standards for review of CSC Applications and how do I understand what is reviewed and if my application will be approved?

All applications are reviewed by the Carrier(s) interested in launching your campaign. All campaigns must conform to consumer best practices and are reviewed and approved by each carrier individually. Please consult your aggregator for more information.

If my program changes, can I update my Application and Campaign?

Yes, you are required to keep your campaign(s) up to date and can do so via your Account Dashboard. If a campaign is changed or added it needs to be resubmitted for review per Carrier policy.

If I am renewing a CSC is all of this new information required?

Yes, it must be provided in order to renew a CSC.

Account Management

How do I manage my Applications, CSCs, Campaigns and Delegated Users?

By using your Account Dashboard; you can view and manage all your Orders, CSCs, Campaigns and Partners you have given access to assist with your campaigns.

How do I access my campaigns?

In two ways; in your account dashboard you can click the CSCs tab, and then click the specific CSC that the campaign is associated with, or in the Campaign tab you can search for your campaigns by name.

In the Campaign Application form how do I maneuver between the campaign pages?

You can navigate between pages by clicking the page title in the navigation progress bar on the top of the page.

Can I copy a campaign to add to the same short code?

Yes. From your Account Dashboard, either on your CSCs tab or Campaigns tab you can do this by clicking the “copy” link from within specific CSC (CSCs Tab) or the specific Campaign (Campaigns tab). You can then make all the necessary changes to your new campaign and submit it for review.

How do I make corrections to my submitted campaigns based on the Approval Review Process?

From your Account Dashboard find the campaign you would like to edit or update and click “edit”. This action will take you to the Campaign Summary page. Find the section you would like to edit or update and use the Line Editor for that specific section. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the “Submit” button to send the Campaign Application for review. Please note, once your campaign has been submitted to the Monitoring Agent and the Carriers your new edits may require a new round of Carrier approval. Please contact your Connection Aggregator for more information on updating your Carrier approved Campaigns.

Can I get a copy of my current invoice and/or receipts?

Yes. From your Account Dashboard click the “Orders” tab and find the order corresponding to the invoice or receipt you would like to see.

How do I search for a specific Application, CSC or campaign?

From your Account Dashboard click the appropriate tab:

  • Under Orders you can search by Order ID.
  • Under CSCs you can search by a specific CSC.
  • Under Campaigns, using your campaign name, you can search for your campaign. A partial campaign name is accepted.

Why is the Summary button in my application grayed out?

The Summary Page will not be accessible until you have all the required data filled out in Campaign Application form and the system has validated the field entry by pressing “Save and Continue” on each page. Once you have fully completed all the required data and “saved” your work then you can use the Summary Page to review all your entries and make any last minute changes you notice.

Why can’t I “Save and Continue”?

The "Save and Continue" button will perform a field validation on the page you are working in. If there are any required fields that do not contain data you will see an error message on top of the page. If you are not ready to complete the partial data in this page simply click the "Save for Later" button.

Can I edit a Campaign that is already provisioned by the Carriers?

Yes. However all edits and updates to already Submitted and Accepted campaigns will be sent to Carriers for review. Please note, once your campaign has been submitted to the Monitoring Agent and the Carriers your edits and updates may require new Carrier approval. Please contact your Connection Aggregator for more information on updating your Carrier approved Campaigns.

How do I change the CSC Content Provider for a CSC that I leased?

You must Contact Customer Support and provide appropriate documentation, as this information cannot be changed through the dashboard.

Why is it important to keep the CSC Campaign data up to date?

This is now a requirement of the CSC Registry as this data is required for Carrier Monitoring of on-going campaigns. Also, Carriers are using this information as a feed into their campaign management systems used for approval and provisioning of the CSC campaigns, hence the need to keep this information up to date.

Renewing Existing CSCs

Will campaign information from my current CSCs transfer over to the new campaign application from?

Yes, any fields that can be mapped will be migrated over to the new system. This will happen automatically when the new system is launched. You will need to add the additional required campaign data in order to renew your CSCs.

How do I renew my current CSCs that I have leased prior to the new application process being launched?

You can renew your codes at anytime, by clicking the renew button on your dashboard from the CSC tab. You will receive automatic renewals notices from the system when your CSCs are coming up from renewal. For all your exiting CSCs you must use the “Add a Campaign” button in your CSC tab and provide a campaign name and keyword, and then enter the required campaign information. All required campaign data must be entered and accepted before you can renew any existing CSCs.

Why do my current CSCs show 0(zero)campaigns?

Because the previous system did not ask for a campaign name or keyword at the time of application, the system does not recognize that a campaign exists. You will need to use the “Add a Campaign” button in your CSC tab, to add the campaign name and keyword, once you have completed that, any existing field data that can be mapped will be imported into your campaign application, and you will be able to add the additional requited campaign data in order to renew your CSC.

Can I assign a "Delegate User" to complete my campaign information for existing CSCs that are coming up for renewal?

Yes, once you have entered at least a campaign name and keyword you can assign a delegate user to complete your required campaign data.

What if my current CSCs are on Auto Renew, how will this affect my renewal?

You must have all your campaign data completed and updated for your CSCs before you auto renew any of those CSCs. If you do not complete the required campaign data at the time your code is up for auto renewal, you may be dropped out of the auto renew process.

Lease Restrictions

Who do I call if there are restrictions placed on my account?

You should either call your Aggregator, or if you are the Content Provider you can contact the Monitoring Agent directly at compliance@psmsindustrymonitor.com.

Why is one or more of my campaigns highlighted in red on the dashboard?

Because your campaign has been identified to be in violation of industry established Consumer Best Practices by the Monitoring Agent. For more information please contact your Connection Aggregator or the Monitoring Agent.

I can't renew my CSC because the system says the Content Provider is restricted. What to do?

If you are the Content Provider or the Aggregator, Login into monitoring agent dashboard for more information on corrective actions. After violations are corrected, the monitoring restriction will clear, then you'll be allowed to renew the CSC. http://ctia.psmsindustrymonitor.com/user/login

CSC Auto Renewal

Can I use multiple credit cards to pay for different codes?

No. You can only use one credit card to pay for codes. If you change your Credit Card in the Credit Profile page, all your Auto-Renew codes will be charged using the new credit card.

What address should I use in my credit card profile?

Please use the credit card billing address on file with your credit card company.

How can I change or update my credit card on file?

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. When you apply for a new code, on the invoice page you can click the Credit Card Payment link and change or update your information on your Credit Card Profile while making an actual payment.
  2. You can also use the "Credit Card Profile" link on your "Home Page" or "Account Dashboard" and change or update your information.

Can I participate in Auto-Renewal using Check or EFT?

No. CSCA will only accept credit card payments for Auto-Renew.

Is it safe to enter my Credit Card data online?

Yes. CSCA website will not store any of your credit card information. Instead we utilize an outside credit card processing company that is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

Why is there a $1 charge on my credit card statement?

You may see a temporary "authorization hold" of $1.00 on your credit card statement; rest assured, it will be released within 3-14 days. This is simply a method to validate your credit card information and prevent credit card fraud.

When and where do I Opt-In for Auto-Renew?

There are two ways you can Opt-In to have your CSC's applications automatically renewed.

  1. When you apply for a new code, in the application form you can choose the Auto-Renew radio button and follow the short and simple steps for double Opt-In. If you don't already have a Credit Card on file with us you'll need to create a Credit Card profile from your "Account Dashboard" using the Credit Card Profile link.
  2. In your "Account Dashboard" under the CSC tab you may choose to Opt-In for any and all of your Common Short Codes. Upon Opting-In you'll be asked to confirm your desire to have your code automatically renewed on the confirmation page. If you don't already have a Credit Card on file with us you'll be asked to create a Credit Card profile.

What length of time will my code be automatically renewed for?

Your codes will be renewed for the same term as on your previous application for that code (3, 6, 12 months)

Do I ever need to change the information in my application once I sign up for Auto-Renew?

Yes. Industry Best Practices and CSC Guidelines require the application always remain up to date and reflect proper ownership and exactly what the CSC is being used for.

When can I change the information in my application?

14 days prior to your code's expiration date CSCA will automatically create a Renewal Application for your code and you will be notified via email. The status for this code in your "Account Dashboard" will change to "Edit" and we encourage you to update your application if any part of the application has changed. From that date you have a 7 day window to complete edits you wish to make to your renewal application.

When and how do I Opt-Out of CSC Auto-Renew?

For new code applications you can simply click the Opt-Out radio button while in the application form. If you wish to Opt-Out a code that you had previously Opted-In, you can Opt-Out any code from your “Account Dashboard” up to 7 days prior to your CSCs expiration date.

I have multiple codes on my application but I don't want all of them to Auto-Renew, how do I Opt-Out some codes?

Once an application has been approved by CSCA Customer Support; you can manage the Auto-Renew status of all your codes from your “Account Dashboard”. Simply log on to your account and “Opt-Out” any Auto-Renew code you wish. You can Opt-In or Opt-Out any of your CSCs up to 7 days prior to your CSCs expiration date.

Will I get invoiced every time my credit card is charged?

Yes. You will receive an invoice via email 7 days prior to expiration for the CSC. Also, upon successful payment processing CSCA will email you an approval notice and you can view and print your invoice and receipts from your "Account Dashboard".

What happens if my credit card can't be charged when the code is scheduled for Auto-Renew?

You will receive an invoice via email 7 days prior to expiration for the CSC. CSCA will attempt to charge your credit card on file, if this attempt fails due to your credit card information on file you will be notified via email with a link for you to make an online credit card payment. If you don't provide an updated credit card which CSCA can successfully process, your CSC will not be automatically renewed. You have to manually pay for this application via check or with a different credit card as this application will be dropped from the Auto-Renew program. You can also update your credit card profile with your most current credit card information to be used for any and all your CSC credit card payments.

I did not have any campaign data filled out for my CSC; will the system Auto renew my code?

No. You must have completed at least one campaign application for your CSC in order for your CSC to Auto renew.

Customer Support

I have received an e-mail informing me my common short code will soon expire. How do I renew my Common Short Code?

If you wish to renew your Common Short Code please log in to your Common Short Code Account, the expiring short code will appear on your home page. Under the section ACTION you will see an underlined word RENEW. By clicking on RENEW it will take you to a renewal application, which is simply a copy of your current common short code application. Here you can review your common short code and update anything that may be out of date or wrong. Simply review your application make any changes you wish to make and then scroll down and submit your CSC Renewal. Please note you can renew your CSC for three, six or 12 months.

If you do not wish to renew your Common Short Code, please ignore these e-mails. They are system generated and will stop when your CSC expires.

I have submitted my Common Short Code Renewal Application. Why am I still receiving e-mails informing my CSC will be expiring soon?

Your CSC is not actually renewed until you remit payment for the CSC Renewal. Until we receive payment the CSC will expire on the day stated on your expiration notices.

I have submitted my application and it has been approved pending payment. How do I pay for it and get the CSC activated as soon as possible?

In order to pay, you must wait up to 1-2 business days from the date of submission to obtain approval from customer support. Once approved, an invoice will be automatically sent to the CSC Applicant’s e-mail address and be viewable from the order page accessible via your account dashboard. Once invoiced, you may remit payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept check, credit cards and wire transfers.

If I wish to pay for my CSC via Credit Card what credit cards do you accept?

Master Card, Visa and American Express