Please contact CSCA Customer Support at 1- 866-623-2272 or send an email to if you have questions relating to:

  • Have questions on the procedures involved in purchasing a CSC.
  • You can't log in to your account.
  • Have trouble or questions on filling out the application.
  • Have questions on what a CSC is or how to implement a CSC.
  • To reach support via Fax, please send your fax to 571-434-5758
  • Payment issues
  • Billing questions

2014 Neustar Holidays
January 1: New Year’s Day
January 20: Martin Luther King Day
February 17: President’s Day
May 26: Memorial Day
July 4: Independence Day
September 1: Labor Day
November 27 & 28: Thanksgiving Day
December 24 & 25: Christmas

Frequently Asked Customer Support Questions

I have received an e-mail informing me my common short code will soon expire. How do I renew my Common Short Code?
If you wish to renew your Common Short Code please log in to your Common Short Code Account, the expiring short code will appear on your home page. Under the section ACTION you will see an underlined word RENEW. By clicking on RENEW it will take you to a renewal application, which is simply a copy of your current common short code application. Here you can review your common short code and update anything that may be out of date or wrong. Simply review your application make any changes you wish to make and then scroll down and submit your CSC Renewal. Please note you can renew your CSC for three, six or 12 months.

If you do not wish to renew your Common Short Code, please ignore these e-mails. They are system generated and will stop when your CSC expires.

I have submitted my Common Short Code Renewal Application. Why am I still receiving e-mails informing my CSC will be expiring soon?
Your CSC is not actually renewed until you remit payment for the CSC Renewal. Until we receive payment the CSC will expire on the day stated on your expiration notices.

I have submitted my application and it has been approved pending payment. How do I pay for it and get the CSC activated as soon as possible?
Upon review approval of your application you will receive an email from CSCA indicating the successful review of your application with your invoice attached. Once you have received your invoice, which will be sent to the CSC Applicant's e-mail address, you can remit payment. You can pay as early as you wish, but you will have a Net-30 due date on the invoice.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept check, credit cards and wire transfers.

If I wish to pay for my CSC via Credit Card what credit cards do you accept?
Master Card, Visa and American Express