About Short Codes

11 Tips for Winning Campaigns

With short codes, you can have a two-way conversation with the folks who matter most-your customers. The following best practices will make it a profitable one.

Get Subscribers

  1. Use short codes to complement your other marketing tactics: print, radio,television, online and out of home advertising.
  2. Clearly indicate if the service is a subscription. It's a major must to do this on all advertising and promotions.
  3. Ditto for disclosing subscription terms and billing intervals...
  4. And for specifying all material terms and conditions of your program...
  5. And for displaying pricing...
  6. And, last but not least, for displaying your opt-out message.
  7. Remember, your service isn't "free" when the subscriber pays premium fees with any reasonable level of participation.

Get Permission

  1. ALWAYS gain permission from people you plan to engage by having an opt-in procedure. It's vital to respect a subscriber's right to privacy. Plus each message you send costs money. Why waste it on people who may not be interested? Why risk complaints and erosion of your brand?
  2. Avoid purchasing lists of numbers; always have customers opt-in and subscribe to receive content. For applications that require payment, create a double opt-in process for subscribers to ensure they're willing participants.

Get Creative

  1. Experiment with different applications. There's a wide selection to choose from, for example...
  2. Try more than one type of campaign-promotional, informational or marketing-in using short codes to reach your business goals and objectives. For examples of each, read our case studies.

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