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Glossary of Terms

An individual or company who has submitted an application for a CSC.
Application Provider
Application providers provide the technology platform for CSC service applications.
Shorthand for wireless carrier, carriers provide the network infrastructure for the delivery of messages between end users and connection aggregators or application providers.
Common Short Code Administrator (CSCA)
The entity that oversees the registration, assignment and tracking of CSCs.
Connection Aggregator
Connection aggregators provide connectivity between carrier networks and application providers.
Content Provider
Content providers are entities that own or have the right to content. They often license content to application providers for delivery to end users.
CSC is the abbreviation for common short code.
End User
Another term for wireless subscriber, end users are people and/or entities that utilize short codes for communication with applications.
Multimedia messaging service; this kind of text messaging allows users to add multimedia (such as sound, pictures or graphics) to their text message.
MO message
A mobile-originated message, meaning an SMS or text message sent from a mobile phone. These messages are sent by a mobile subscriber by creating and sending the message from within their mobile phone.
MT message
A mobile-terminated message, meaning an SMS or text message terminated on a mobile phone. These messages are typically viewed by the recipient in their text message 'Inbox'.
Random CSC
A CSC that is assigned by the CSCA Registry on a random basis from the pool of available CSCs.
An individual or company whose application has been accepted and to whom a CSC has been registered.
Selected CSC
A CSC that the applicant/registrant specifically requests from the CSCA Registry. Selected CSCs are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis from the pool of available CSCs.
Short message service; also commonly known as a text message.
SMSC is short for "Short Message Service Center," and is the machine(s) within a wireless service provider's network that provides the routing of all SMS or text messages. Much like an email server, the SMSC handles large volumes of messages sent between two mobile phones or a mobile phone and a software application.
An investigation to authenticate certain elements of the CSC application submitted to the registry.
What is a "Registered CSC"?
A "registered" CSC is a code that has made it through the application and payment processes and is available for the applicant to begin using.
Wireless Subscriber
A wireless subscriber is any individual who has purchased mobile phone service from a wireless service provider.

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