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Five billion times a day and counting. That's how often Americans alone communicate in their favorite way, via text messages. They talk to their kids, order pizza, compete for free concert tickets and do countless other things quickly and affordably.

No wonder businesses of every size and description use common short codes. With simple, easy-to-remember five- or six-digit numbers, they give customers a convenient way to reach out, get information and spend, spend, spend. In fact, it’s estimated that short codes drive between $8-12 billion in annual revenues.

Mobile Campaigns at a Glance


Aha! You've got an idea

So you want to use short codes to let people vote on your reality show? Smart. You could also use them to let people text and win in your hot new sweepstakes, get information on your latest product or offer a juicy coupon. See a full list of great uses for common short codes.


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While some companies work directly with wireless carriers to launch campaigns, most rely on partners with proven expertise. Application providers and connection aggregators are experts in bringing your mobile campaigns to life. Wireless carriers themselves complete the campaign process by connecting you to your customers. Learn more about partners here.


Easy to lease

This is the simple part:

You can get up to 20 short codes on a single order, each leased for 3, 6 or 12-month terms. Ordering and leasing a “select” CSC costs $1,000 per month, while “random” CSCs cost $500 each per month.*

cash in


* THESE FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER ANY WIRELESS CARRIER AGREES TO ACTIVATE YOUR CSC. The Registry must receive payment in full for the duration of the registration within 60 days of your order or your code will be placed back in the available pool.

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