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Beginning in 2016, several CSCA features were added and some existing features were improved. The following list, arranged alphabetically by topic, describes these changes.

Features added or improved most recently are noted with the icon.

Account Credit or Unapplied Payments- Additions and Improvements

We now make sure that you can't forget about any credits or unapplied payments for your account! Amounts will show up on the Account Summary, as well as on the My Cart page when you renew a CSC or purchase a new CSC lease. If you're using auto-renew, an email will keep you informed.

Account Summary View - Added

The first page you'll see now after logging in is an Account Summary that provides key information about your account, your CSCs, and your orders. At a glance, you'll see whether you need to take action on your CSCs or orders.

To see this feature in action, click Using the Account Summary.

Address Selector - Added

All your saved addresses are now available in a Select Address dialog. This allows you to pick from a list of saved addresses when ordering a CSC or performing another task that requires an address.

To see this feature in action, click Using the Address Selector.

API for Lease functions - Added

If you meet certain qualifications, you may be able to use the queries of a web services Lease API to lease CSCs, renew leases, pay for orders, and opt-in or opt-out of lease auto-renew. See link in the User Support FAQ page.

Designed to reduce the amount of data entry needed on the CSCA website, this API uses the popular Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol and a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. The Lease API also allows qualified Registrants to query for detailed CSC and order information – individually or by lists. And qualified Registrants can search for CSCs with “cool” names or patterns.

To obtain more information, contact the CSCA Service Desk at support@USshortcodes.com or 1-866-623-2272.

Credit Card Update - Improved

You can now add or update your credit card information more easily.

CSC Lease Transfer - Added

Upon your request, the iconectiv Service Desk can now transfer CSC leases to another Registrant.

Default Purchase Order Number - Added

You can now include a Default Purchase Order Number to process monthly billing invoices more easily. Note: The Default Purchase Order Number only applies to monthly billing invoices.

Discount Tracking - Added

Calculated discounts now appear on invoices, receipts, and on the My Cart page so you can see them when placing an order and when tracking that order.

Email Messages - Improved

Emails sent to you by CSCA now focus on your account.

Invoice and Receipt Regeneration - Added

Ask the Service Desk, and they will update your invoice or receipt with the latest data.

Lease Confirmation Page -- Improved

Order details now display on the Thank You page that confirms your lease.

Management of Contact and Billing Information - Improved

You can now edit your existing contact information, add new contacts, and delete contacts through a Manage My Addresses dialog. Note, however, that the Primary Account Contact and Primary Billing Contact can only be changed by editing your account profile.

You can also update the contact information on an individual order on the View Order page, regardless of whether the order is waiting for payment or if the payment has already been processed.

The video Using the Address Selector explains how to manage addresses.

Monthly Billing - Improved

Monthly billing is a convenient feature for customers who qualify. Now it's even better. A new option has been added that leads to faster order approval. There's more information on statements. And you can take individual CSCs off monthly billing.

Order Payment Page - Improved

The Order Payment page now lists the CSCs that are included in your order for orders that have fewer than 20 CSCs. Orders for more than 20 (a monthly billing order) will show the count of CSCs ordered rather than each number.

Pay by Check from the Show Order Page - Added

You can now pay by check from the Show Order page. (Previously you could only pay via credit card from this page.)

Reports - Additions and Improvements

Two Registrant reports were added, and the existing report was improved. Any one of the three reports can be selected from the Download a Report link on My CSCs or My Orders.

Security - Improved

It's now safer for you to log in to CSCA, and it's easier to change your password.

Sorting and Filtering of Results - Improved

Find orders and CSCs more easily with the improved sorting and filtering of screen results on the My Orders and My CSCs pages.

To view the new sorting and filtering in action, see Sorting and Filtering Orders and Sorting and Filtering CSCs.

User Profile - Improved

The Edit Profile page in the My Account tab now includes your Account ID. This provides a quick way to see your ID when you need to verify your account or call the Service Desk to transfer a CSC.

Do you have a suggestion for a change that you don't see listed here yet? Reach out to the CSCA Service Desk at 1-866-623-2272 or support@usshortcodes.com, send a message to feedback@usshortcodes.com, or visit our user survey. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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