Case Studies

PETA Texts "Y" to Stop Cruelty Learn More
TakePart, Participation Media & Waterfall Mobile Join to Protest "The Cove." Learn More
Ballyhoo Mobile Marketing provides a CSC to the Nimnicht Family of Auto Dealerships in order to create interactive marketing and provide warm sales leads. Learn More
Columbia College of Jacksonville, FL, worked with Ballyhoo Mobile Marketing to create a mobile campaign that easily, immediately connected prospective students with admissions staff. Learn More
State of Text and Cox Communications Inc provides Hooters Of America Inc with a solution enabling television viewers to interact with their commercials via Video On Demand (VOD) and Text Messaging (SMS). Learn More
Combining text messaging with voice, Vocomo's TalkNow uses CSCs to help mobile users interact in real time for friendship, dating and romance. Learn More
OrbitzTLCAlerts utilize a CSC and mobile SMS texting to update travelers about events that may impact their journeys. Learn More
g8wave's txt2flrt provides a young, mobile audience with a simple and fun way to meet others. Learn More
Major League Baseball fans now have instant access to scores, statistics, highlights and more right on their mobile phones. Learn More
Radio station audiences can now get even closer to their favorite music - wirelessly. Learn More

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