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Favorite Word/Vanity Name

Customers have used easy to remember generic names that correspond to a brand, company or campaign. Using an easy to remember name makes remembering a Common Short Code easier for your target audience.

Use the search box above and type any combination of letters, numbers and up to 2 wild cards (*) to search for your 5 or 6 digit Common Short Code. The search button will convert your entry to a number and search the database.

View Available Cool Words

View a list of interesting and available generic words and their corresponding short code.

Easy to Remember Numbers

Search for a 5 or 6 digit number that has a special meaning to you or is easy to remember. Customers remember numbers in a pattern or series ` search for your favorite one.

4 Identical Numbers

View a list of available numbers that have 4 or more of the same number repeating. Repeatable numbers are easy for consumers to remember.

4 or More Sequential Numbers in a Row

View a list of available numbers that have 4 or more sequential numbers in a row. Sequential numbers are easy for consumers to remember.

Repeating Pairs

View a list of cool repeating numbers. These repeating pairs form an easy to remember pattern for consumers to easily recall your CSC.

Range of Common Short Codes

For 5 or 6 digit codes you can use the search boxes below to enter a range of numbers for your search. This search is useful if you are looking for a block of numbers.


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