Who can help you do what?

After getting your common short code, you'll probably need some help as you build your mobile campaign. Application providers and connection aggregators can help you complete the process of reaching your customers via wireless carrier networks.

Oversees the technical & operational aspects of issuing and managing Common Short Codes.
Specialists that create user experiences &management tools tailored to individual needs, i.e., storefronts, marketing campaigns, databases, etc.
Provides application & content providers with connectivity to the wireless carriers.
Media companies & brand owners who shape unique content for the wireless space.
Maintain the networks serving the 180 million+ wireless device users.
CSC programs enable companies & brands to create, connect & communicate directly with wireless end users.

Application Providers

Each message addressed to an active short code is routed to an application. Although you can develop and host applications yourself, there are providers that specialize in software development and hosting for mobile messaging applications. In addition to technical expertise, most application providers can advise you on the best techniques for maximizing participation and campaign results. Most application providers are specialists in a specific type of application, such as voting/polling, marketing or gaming. For a list of the top application providers, click here.

Connection Aggregators

To use your active short code, you'll need connectivity to the networks of participating wireless carriers, so any message addressed to your CSC can reach your application. The most common method for connecting to a wireless network is Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) over a secured virtual private network (VPN) connection. Connection aggregators have authorized connections to multiple wireless networks; they also maintain the security, technical and service level requirements of each wireless network. A connection aggregator may or may not provide connectivity to all participating carriers. To find out, consult the wireless carrier directly.

Note:A connection aggregator may serve as the application provider or vice versa.

For a list of aggregators that are connected and approved to send SMS messages by at least one wireless carrier, click here.

Wireless Carriers

Referred to by many names (wireless carriers, mobile operators, wireless networks or wireless service providers), these are the companies from which your customers purchase their mobile phone service. In order for a CSC application to work on a participating wireless carrier network, the CSC must be set up and tested to route from that network to the application. This message routing is done either through a connectivity aggregator or to the application provider directly, depending upon what network connectivity is in place.

CSC Administrator

The CSCA oversees the technical and operational aspects of common short codes and maintains a single database of available, reserved and registered CSCs. CTIA is the administrator of CSCs and iconectiv serves as the registry.

Campaign Types

Wireless carriers have different labels for common short code campaigns, based on how participants are charged for sending texts.

Premium Partners

Below are the top application providers now serving CSCA customers. The CSCA does not endorse individual providers, but recognizes those with proven experience and capabilities.