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Keywords for Short Codes: Segment Marketing Campaigns for Higher Engagement

Text messages are opened and read around five times more than email, but with an average of 23 billion text messages sent daily, you want to make sure that your business’s text messages are being read and well-received by the intended audience. Short codes are the most universally trusted text messaging option that allows marketers unequalled opportunities to engage audiences through mobile messaging.

How can short code messages be both seen and engaged with by the right audience? In addition to customizing the five-or-six-digit short code to spell a company name or relevant word to maximize memorability and reinforce your message, short codes can easily help segment marketing campaigns with short codes’ keyword functionality.

Benefits of using keywords

There are numerous benefits to utilizing the keyword functionality, including:

  1. Reduce Opt-Out Rate. Keywords drive higher engagement by allowing you to deliver targeted messages based on a person’s interest.  Customers receiving messages relevant to their interests are less likely to opt-out of your campaigns.
  2. Actionable Marketing Insights. Breaking down your messages into keywords allows you to determine why people are enrolling in different campaigns. For example, you can have customers’ text “SAVINGS” to your short code if they are interested in receiving coupons and sale alerts. You could also run a survey by asking your audience to text one of three keywords to select their favorite store in a retail center. These insights can show you the aspects of your business people are resonating with the most.
  3. Segment and Manage Contact Database. When you ask your customers to text a certain keyword based on their interests or location, you are able to easily sort and manage the contact database. This makes it easier to send targeted messages that the user wants and leads to increased engagement rates.

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