Order a Short Code

If you have previously added codes to your cart before logging in, those codes will remain in your cart. Follow the process below to order a short code after logging into the application. 
Note: Any labels with * are mandatory fields necessary to proceed.

  1. From the left side navigation menu, click Order a Short Code. From here, there are 3 stages to order the codes successfully. 

Checkout – Cart Tab

  1. On the Checkout – Cart tab, scroll down to the Add Codes section.

Important: The Add to Cart button is specific to the code (or section) that is associated with the button, e.g., clicking the Add to Cart button below Generate a Random Short Code will not automatically add any selections made via the Search for a Select Code section. 

Search for a Custom Code
  1. In the Add Codes section, below Search for a Select Code, type any combination of letters, numbers, and up to two wild cards (*) in the provided search box.
  2. Click the Search icon () in the provided field or press Enter on the keyboard.
    •    If the code is available, a message "Congrats! <######> is available!" displays.
    •    If the code is not available, a message "Sorry, <######> is not currently available." displays.
  3. Click the Add to Cart button to add the code to the cart.
  4. If you wish to purchase similar codes, click on any codes from the Similar Options list to add the selected code to the cart.
Generate a Random Short Code
  1. In the Add Codes section, below Generate a Random Short Code, enter or click the spinner to increase or decrease the number of random codes that you desire in the field "I need <#> random short code".
  2. Click Add to Cart. The added codes can be viewed inside the cart now. 
Cart Details

Short Codes that have been added to the cart are reflected in the Cart Details section.

  1. If you are unsure about purchasing a code and do not want to remove it from the cart, uncheck the check-box associated with the short code below the Include column.
  2. To remove a code from the cart, click the delete icon () at the end of the row.
  3. By default, when a short code is added to the cart, it is on a 3-Month lease term. You can change the lease term to be either 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month.
Redeem Promotion Code

Promotional discount codes can be redeemed via the Promotions section located at the bottom of the Cart page.

  1. Enter the code in the Promotion Code field below the Promotions section.
    Note: Only one code can be redeemed per order.
  2. Click Redeem.  If the promotional code is valid and applicable to the items in your cart, the discount(s) will be applied in the Cart Details section at the top of the Cart page.
  3. You can see the redeemed promotion code under the Redeemed Promotion Code section. To remove the promotion code, click the delete () icon.

3.  Click Next to proceed or click Clear Order to clear the entries.

Checkout – Application Tab

This tab is for entering the information regarding the applicant of short codes.

  1. Applicant Address - Enter your address on behalf of the Content Provider. By default, this section is populated with the contact data listed in your user profile (Account – My Profile). You can update the data in this section manually or you can choose a saved address by clicking the Choose a Saved Address button.
  2. Content Provider - Enter the address of the Content Provider who is the entity that owns or has the right to content and licenses such content to the Application Provider and/or Aggregator for delivery to wireless subscribers.  
  3. Aggregator - Select the Aggregator from the drop-down. An Aggregator connects your short code messaging applications to wireless service providers, so your messages can be delivered between the application and wireless subscribers. 
  4. Application Provider - Enter the name of the Application Provider in the provided field. An Application Provider works with you to define your short code messaging application that interacts with wireless subscribers.
  5. "Are these codes for Political Campaigns?" - Select Yes or No. If you select Yes, enter a valid FEC ID in the provided field.

4.  Click Next.

Checkout – Payment Tab

The Payment tab displays the codes in the order, the amount of the order, and collects payment information. You can navigate back to the Cart tab or the Application tab by clicking the corresponding tab.

Payment Information
  1. Select Pay Now or Pay Later.  If you choose Pay Later you may not be able to use your codes until the payment is completed as the carriers require a sales receipt, which is only issued when payment is complete.
  2. Use the Pay Now option to use your code(s) immediately.
  3. If you have an existing credit card or ACH, you may select that or if you wish to enter a new credit card or ACH, select New Payment Method.
  4. For adding a Credit Card, select the option.

    - Enter a description for your card in the Description field. This is an optional field. 
    - From the Card Type drop-down, select Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. 
    - Enter the Credit Card Number in the provided field.
    - In the Expiration Date section, select the Month and Year of credit card from the drop-down.
    - Enter the Card Verification Value (CVV) in the provided field.
    For your safety and security, we require that you enter your card verification number. For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, the card verification number is the last 3-digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line. For an American Express card, it is the 4 digits on the front above the end of your card number.
    - Select the Add Card to Profile after Checkout check-box if you wish to update your credit card profile with the provided credit card information.
    - Select the Set as Default check-box if you wish to set this card as your default credit card for making payments.
  5. For adding an ACH account, select the option.

    - Enter the name of the account holder in the Account Owner Name field.
    - In the Account Type drop-down select either:
      > Checking
      > Corporate Checking
    In the Description field enter a short description about the account. This is optional.
    - Enter the Account Number in the provided field.
    - Re-enter the account number in the Confirm Account Number field.
    - Enter the Routing Number (9 Digits) in the provided field.
    - Enter the Bank Name  in the provided field.
    - Enter the Maximum Payment Limit  of payment in the provided field. It is the highest amount that iconectiv/Short Code Registry is allowed to debit from the account for a single payment. 
    - Select the Add Payment Method to Profile after Checkout check-box if you wish to save the provided ACH account information as a payment method for future use with your account. You can subsequently update and/or remove this or any other saved payment method on the My Account > Payment Methods tab.
    - To set this ACH account as the default payment, select the Set as default check-box.
    Setting this as the default payment method indicates that this payment method will be used for auto-renew.
    - Click the Consent check-box for iconectiv to make ACH withdrawals from the specified account for payments to the Short Code Registry and not exceed the amount specified as the Maximum Payment Limit.
  6. If you have credit on your account, you can use it to pay for a short code.

    - To apply the payment, click on the Apply Credit on Account check-box.

    - If there is an amount due after applying credit, either pay it with an existing credit card or ACH or add a New Payment Method.

    - To add the newly added credit card to your profile after checkout, click the 

Billing Information 
  1. This section displays the account's billing address. If you wish to change this to one of the saved addresses, click Choose a Saved Address button. You may also update the information in the respective fields.
Purchase Order Number
  1. If you wish to enter the Purchase Order Number, enter it in the provided field below Purchase Order (Optional) section.
  1. If you wish to enroll for auto-renewal, read the terms and conditions and enable the check-box below the Auto-Renew section.
Monthly Billing
  1. If you wish to enroll in monthly billing, read the terms and conditions and enable the check-box below the Monthly Billing section.
    Note: This section is only enabled if your account is enrolled in Monthly Billing. To enable your account for monthly billing, contact Customer Support.
  1. Read and select the Terms and Conditions check-box.

5.  Click Complete Order to finish the order or click Clear Order to cancel the order. Once the order is completed, a Thank You message is displayed. 

  1. Click on the Order ID link to open the Receipt for the order.
  2. Click the Download Receipt link to download the receipt as a PDF.
    Note: The receipt can be downloaded for the codes that are paid. If you have decided to pay later, you can download the invoice by clicking the Download Invoice link.
  3. Click on the Short Code to open that short code on the My Short Codes - Short Code List page.