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The organizations that bring short code campaigns to life aren’t household names in most circles, but they are vital to the running of the short codes ecosystem and the execution of your campaign. An overview follows of who short codes partners are, what they do, and how you can pick the right one for you.

Picking the right partner is vital for a seamless, successful short codes campaign.

Look for a proven track record

Choosing a short codes application provider is like evaluating any other potential partner or vendor for your organization. Ask about the company’s time and experience providing services. Research compliance with industry best practices, and talk to other customers if possible.

Determine the services and expertise you’ll need

Many organizations looking to administer a short code campaign lack the specialized technical resources for sending and receiving text messages in such a fashion. If this is your situation, look for a short codes partner that can handle campaign development and hosting for you.

 If you’re new to short codes campaigns, you can benefit from a partner that provides hands-on assistance with campaign planning and execution, from crafting effective strategies to writing engaging messages.

 Some short codes partners specialize in a certain type of campaign, like voting, polling, marketing or gaming. This can be particularly helpful for optimizing engagement and making sure your campaign follows applicable rules and regulations.

Evaluate and vet the contenders

Supplement your online research with targeted questions on pricing, performance (including throughput, volume and messages per second) and customer support if problems arise—for example:

  • How long does it typically take to get through the application process? While application preparation, review, and approval necessarily take some time, an experienced partner will know what wireless carriers want to see and how to reduce the chance of delays or having to resubmit an application.
  • Who typically controls the short code lease—and will you be able to change these terms in the future if you want to?
  • How will you be able to track campaign progress—e.g., through a dedicated web portal, regular reports, or other means?   

Find a Code

The first step is finding a random or select code.

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