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Retail Banking and Short Codes

As mobile technologies and consumer expectations evolve, short codes help financial services organizations keep their customers in the know, with simplicity and immediacy.

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Since 1963, FirstBank has evolved with its customers’ needs. When it needed to make mobile phones integral to the banking experience, it looked to short codes for reach, immediacy, and simplicity.


Short codes have become an integral part of the FirstBank customer experience. Today more than 60% of customers are signed up to receive alerts, and the bank sends nearly 3.5 million text and email alerts combined each month. Fiserv, a top provider of technology solutions for financial companies, has named FirstBank a “leader and innovator.”


For balances, withdrawals, deposits, and foreign transactions, customers receive text messages from a trusted source, plus alerts for password and address changes and unusual account activity.


3.5M texts, emails/month



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