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Short Code Use Cases

Here are just some of the ways our clients use short codes in their digital communication.


Short codes provide your customers a quick and easy way to protect their personal information. Systems like two-factor authentication are texted directly to customers using designated short codes.

Customer Care

Short codes create customer care that goes above and beyond, giving you the ability to receive inbound requests, answer questions, and alert them regarding service availability.


Short codes not only promote high read and response rates, but can provide an easy way for customers to reach out to you when texting your leased code.


Many brands use short code marketing to conduct customer surveys and promotional events, sending questionnaires, coupons, and contest details directly to their phones.


Short codes can make daily operations easier for you and your customers, providing them texted updates in real time.

Public Safety

Short codes streamline the lines of communication between people and public services, giving bystanders an easy way to notify the proper authorities in evolving situations.

Why A Short Code?

The Trusted Way to Send and Receive Messages

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High Open Rate

Over 90% of text messages opened and read within three minutes.

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Easy to Remember

With only five or six digits, short codes are easier for users to remember and type.

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Trust & Consumer Confidence

Consumers trust short codes thanks to industry oversight and best practices.

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The Highest Throughput Rates

Short codes have one of the highest throughput rates to support robust messaging needs.

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