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Learn the fundamentals of SMS or short code marketing: best practices, how to select a code, and how to create a breakthrough campaign.

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suspicious short code reporting

Suspicious Short Code Reporting

Number 7726, spelling out “SPAM,” is your go-to contact in the event of a suspicious text message from a short or 10-dig ...
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A closeup photo of a woman using a smartphone to send text messages

Short Code Mobile Messaging

Chances are, your organization is already using many tools and channels to reach out: websites, emails, social media, an ...
Woman looking at a smartphone

Short Codes for App Marketing

App developers know well the difficulties in marketing their apps. But a highly compelling way to advertise their apps i ...
Man smiling while looking at a smartphone

Best Practices for Campaigns

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to tell someone that sending broadcast text messages from a regular phon ...
Man looking at his phone while shopping for a car

Texting for Dealerships

Choosing a mobile vendor to work with and help communicate to your most loyal customers is a critical endeavor. In mobil ...
Small business owner looking at a smartphone

Texting Lifts Sales

As the population ages, buying power is shifting to Millennials and others who are communicating far differently than th ...
Woman with her child checking her phone

Short Codes Gain Traction

SMS texting is the go-channel in this digital world to engage with different brands and more and more people are finding ...
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A phamacist helps a woman with a purchase using a phone

Keywords for Short Codes

Text messages are opened and read around five times more than email, but with an average of 23 billion text messages sen ...

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