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About Short Code Partners

Short codes fit in with your existing marketing campaigns seamlessly. While the short code itself is easy to lease, you will need to consider application management, campaign creation, and message optimization before using the short code. That’s why it is critical to partner with the right companies to ensure your text message marketing campaigns are successful, impactful, and launch without a hitch.

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Types of Partners

Content providers are the brand marketers behind short code campaigns. They set the campaign objectives, ensure that the brand is being properly represented and make all final decisions regarding the nature and substance of the content and how customers are to be engaged. Then, content providers work with their partners (application providers and aggregators) to bring campaigns to life.

Each message addressed to an active short code is routed to an application. Although you can develop and host applications yourself, there are providers that specialize in software development and hosting for mobile messaging applications. In addition to providing technical expertise, most application providers can advise on best techniques for maximizing participation and campaign results. Most application providers are specialists in a specific type of application, such as voting/polling, marketing or gaming.

In most cases, an application provider will select an aggregator to help you establish connections with wireless service provider networks so that messages addressed to your short code can reach your application and your application can reach your customers.

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