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Case Studies

Short Codes for Engagement

To combat mental health issues, Mental Health America designed a short code program. Users sent a positive message to a stranger and received one in return.

Woman sends a positive text anonymously via short code


Mental Health America and Sinch sought a quick-to-launch, broadly accessible, and easy-to-use way to counteract internet trolling and other online negativity with positive, person-to-person texts.


Promoted by media and influences, #TextForHumanity soon attracted users worldwide. The campaign has logged more than 90,000 positive messages to date and supported frontline workers and people in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


They used a short codes campaign to create #TextForHumanity, the world’s first text messaging switchboard. Any user with a text-enabled phone can opt in and send or receive a positive text message.


9,000+ messages to date


Positive impact worldwide
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