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Short Codes for Mobile Promotions

For marketers, short code text messages are today’s version of the print coupon, facilitating special promotions and giveaways in a way that’s easy to distribute, access, track, and enforce.

A delicious meal a customer saved money on thanks to a short code promotion


When a popular dining franchise moved an annual product giveaway online in 2020, things got complicated. How could customers redeem prizes, and stores enforce contest rules, in a newly virtual world?


Short codes helped the dining franchise transition an annual promotion to the virtual world and beefed up engagement and enforcement.


Enter short codes. Customers texted a keyword from social media that generated a one-time code for pickup. These one-time texts ensured that “buy one get one” didn’t turn into “buy one, get too many.”


1 code/customer


Discounts and promotions


Trackable text marketing

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