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Short Codes for Shipment and Delivery Tracking

Tracking a shipment too often involves a jumble of calls, emails, and website log-ins. With short codes, businesses can put a more streamlined process at their customers’ fingertips.

USPS worker delivering mail after customer received an 'out for delivery' alert


Will my package arrive today? Is bad weather causing delays? Customers accustomed to instant information through their phones expect the same from shipping and delivery services.


Now with a quick text of a brief, intuitive keyword, customers have shipment and delivery notifications at their fingertips, on demand and through a trusted source.


Short codes provided an easy-to-use, easy-to-scale solution. The organization leased a vanity short code that aligned with its brand and set up commands for common questions.


24/7 access to updates


Package tracking


Logistics data on demand

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