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Learn the fundamentals of SMS or short code marketing: best practices, how to select a code, and how to create a breakthrough campaign.

Woman looking at her phone in an office

Texting and TV Advertising

Not so long ago, tech industry observers guaranteed marketers that we’d soon get the best of both worlds on our TV scree ...
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Two people in a courtroom check a phone

Texting for Government

According to Pew Research, nine-in-ten American adults (92 percent) own a mobile phone of some kind. That reach is undis ...
A person pays with his smartphone at a store

Will Apps Replace Texts?

With the recent boom in mobile messaging apps including WhatsApp and LINE, consumer brands that have relied on text mess ...
A woman applying for a job checks her phone

Texting for Recruiters

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take a closer look at virtually every aspect of our daily lives. ...
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A mom and her daughter check a phone while shopping at a grocery store

Retail Strategy Trends

Cliff Holsenbeck, Senior Director of Product Management at iconectiv, suggests that retailers who wish to utilize SMS me ...

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