Clearstream is an elegant, powerful texting application built for non-profits, specifically churches. Over 3,000 churches and nonprofits rely on Clearstream's self-serve text messaging.

We seamlessly integrate with major ChMS providers like Planning Center, Rock RMS, Pushpay/CCB, and offer features like text-to-join keywords, personalized mass texting, forms, guest follow-up workflows, two-way communication, and live polling. And with Subaccounts, you can silo campuses or ministries so they can manage their texting, under the umbrella of your master Clearstream account.

Clearstream manages and powers dedicated shortcodes for many of the largest churches in the U.S., and also offers A2P 10DLC numbers on top. Our typical shortcode provisioning time is 2-3 weeks. We don’t require contracts, and let you manage your shortcode within your own Short Code Registry account, resulting in more billing and shortcode management transparency.

Michael Lepinay
Partner Type:
Application Provider
Non Profit, Religious Organizations
CRM Integrations, Developer Toolkit, Messaging Automation/ Scheduling, MMS, Web-Based Campaign Tools
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